"I have been here since the beginning; back when I worked at Chrysler while making furniture for friends. I quit Chrysler in 2002, choosing to be a full-time cabinet maker/business owner. I must say...life is better now, but busier."

June of 1996

Duane’s Cabinets, Inc. was formed in June of 1996. Before that time, we operated for 7 years as a partnership.

We started out in a small shop behind my home with only 1000 sq. ft. of work space. As the years progressed we purchased machinery and expanded the building as our business grew. All along our goal was to have a building dedicated to the business, and in 1999 quite unexpectedly that dream came true. With 15 acres of land opening up between my brother’s house and my own, we were able to begin construction of the new building.

It took over 4 years to prepare for construction by leveling the lot and purchasing the materials for the building, but by 2003 construction had begun. As usual we did as much as possible to keep costs down and in just 2 years we were completely moved in and ready to begin work in our new building.

Along with moving into a more spacious work environment, we were able to purchase new machines which made it possible to speed up our turn-around time. A new CNC router, along with the addition of solid surface countertops to our list products, allowed us to speed up our manufacturing process and better serve our customer’s needs.

Now with little turn around time we can do quality custom cabinet work. Our volume has increased due to our new location and additional staff have been added as well. With our additional staff our reliability and accessibility has improved.

As time goes by we are planning even more expansion. We are currently in the process of building a new warehouse, with a showroom on the table for next year. We hope to make a long run of cabinet building and hope to make your dream kitchen as well.